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Shelf Stable Food

Shelf Stable Food Packaging

Tailored barrier packaging delivers product protection and long shelf life

As consumers embrace the wellness trend and seek healthier foods, shelf stable packaging is benefitting more and more on clear packaging to showcase ingredients. Consumers are seeking cleaner labels. So brand owners are exploring preservative-free formulations that require better UV protection from their packaging.  Shelf stable packaging uses tailored barrier solutions for delivery of long shelf life and UV protection.


  • Barrier thermoform sheet for Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) applications
  • Custom barrier pre-formed thermoformed containers designed to withstand the retort process
  • Liquid and masterbatch colorants to provide the right color for shelf appeal
  • O2 Scavengers that actively scavenge oxygen from sealed packages, increasing shelf life for O2 sensitive products
  • Clarifiers to allow your containers to provide a clear showcase for your products 

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