Management Approach: Training and Development


The development and training of our workforce is a priority for Avient, as it influences our great place to work culture while enabling our teams to accomplish business goals. At Avient, we provide meaningful learning engagements and skill development opportunities to all full and part-time global associates. Learning is ingrained in our culture and every Avient associate participates in training annually. We manage training and development through global programs and technology, with a purpose to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience for associates—all to unleash their full potential at work. In 2021, our associates completed over 106,000 hours of training through a variety of delivery methods.

Global technology enables the management approach, and it is critical to our strategy for career advancement. The Avient Learning Management system allows associates to register for instructor-led and virtual learning experiences, which are tracked in their personal learning history. Performance management data is stored and retained through the HR systems. Access to this information supports talent development and internal career progression.

Avient also offers nomination-based leadership development programs, such as NextGen, Elevate, Emerging Leaders and Avient Mentoring. To support administrative and strategic skill sets of our managers, we also offer open enrollment and on-demand Supervisory Skills training and regional sessions of CORE Leadership. The ENGAGE initiative was designed to broaden our culture of learning in our manufacturing footprint, bringing classroom experiences focused on our Sustainability strategy and product portfolio to the production teams at our global locations.

Course evaluations, focus groups and program pilot techniques are utilized to gain insight to program effectiveness and monitor opportunities for enhancement. We also conduct 360 assessments to help associates assess their individual development and progression based on feedback from key stakeholders.

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