Liquid Additives and Colorants for FIbers

MagIQ™ Liquid Fiber Additives and Colorants

Liquid Technology for Spun-Dyed Fibers

This breakthrough technology combines advanced liquid concentrates with state-of-the-art, high-pressure metering equipment to enable late-stage injection of liquid color or additive into the polymer melt during spin-dyeing.

The injection takes place between the end of the extruder, or melt-pipe, and the spin head. The extruder is never contaminated with color, which translates into faster, more efficient color changeovers that make low-volume and custom-color production a reality. MagIQ colorants can help you achieve the color precision and color fastness of concentrate (a.k.a. masterbatch) pellets while giving you the production flexibility of traditional aqueous dyeing.​

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  • Multiple color productions – several injection points possible on a single extruder​
  • Batch size flexibility – from a few kilograms to several tons
  • Rapid color changes: No extruder contamination and easy color-on, color-off operation increases color change speed
  • Waste reduction – thanks to rapid color changes, precise metering, and in-line color adjustment​
  • Color matching service - help shorten product development cycles



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