Processing Enhancement Additives

No matter which manufacturing process you use, from bi-oriented film extrusion to injection molding, we can support you with additives that will improve your efficiency. Our solutions include slip and antiblock agents, processing aids, cycle time reducers, multi-purge agents, and various other process enhancers that help your operations run at their very best.

Growing your productivity and your profits can start with processing enhancement additives from Avient

OnCap™ CTR Process Optimizers

Cycle time reducers can increase your production capacity without any additional equipment investment. It’s that simple.


OnCap™ Multi-Purge Additives

These reusable purge concentrates significantly reduce otherwise unavoidable time spent cleaning extrusion and injection molding equipment.


OnCap™ Additives for Polyolefin Films

Film and sheet extruders can tailor their processing and finished goods performance with multifunctional OnCap™ additives for polyolefin films.


ColorMatrix™ Eze™ Slip Agent for PET

Reducing the surface friction of PET can can offer considerable process efficiency benefits and prevent damage to containers.


ColorMatrix™ rePrize™ IV builder for PET

Rebuild intrinsic viscosity (IV) to improve resin quality and increase use rates of reclaimed and recycled PET.


OnCap™ PlastOne™ Processing Enhancing Additive

Consider combining a PlastOne concentrate with your OnColor™ Smartbatch™ solution to reduce cycle times.

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