Processing Enhancement Additives

No matter which manufacturing process you use, from film extrusion to injection molding, we can support you with additives that will improve your efficiency. Our solutions include slip and anti-block agents, processing aids, cycle-time reducers, purge agents, and a number of other process enhancers that can help your operations perform at their very best.

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Cesa™ Clean Additives

These purge concentrates reduce otherwise unavoidable time spent cleaning extrusion and injection molding equipment. 

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Cesa™ CTR Concentrates

Using cycle-time reducers can increase production efficiency and quality, reduce scrap, and improve energy efficiency.

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Cesa™ Denesting Additives

Denesting additives allow trays and containers to be more easily separated during manufacturing and filling.


Cesa™ Slip Additives

Lubricants improve the flow characteristics of plastics during processing, reducing the amount of heat and energy needed. 

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Cesa™ Stat Antistatic Additives

Control the build-up of static charges to create safer, statically-dissipated thermoplastic parts.

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ColorMatrix™ Eze™ Slip Agent for PET

Reducing the surface friction of PET can offer considerable process efficiency benefits and prevent damage to containers.