5G tower


Market Needs: Durability, Consistency, Design Flexibility

In this rapidly evolving industry, the need for faster and more reliable technology is stronger than ever. Avient’s portfolio delivers flame retardance, low smoke and halogen options, and materials that can withstand wide temperature variations for telecommunication applications.

5G (The 5th Generation Network)

From drinking water to air quality, sensors enabled by 5G can detect, manage and notify authorities about possible risks. Avient’s portfolio enables 5G technology from a range of fiber optic cable components to antennae and base station materials, as well as 5G-enabled devices.

Connectors & Components

Rapid growth in computing technology has increased demand for higher performing connectors, printed circuit boards, sockets and more. Avient offers a full range of sustainable solutions that are WEEE and RoHS compliant, allowing higher operating temperatures with smaller footprints.

Satellite Communications

Satellite applications demand reliable solutions with low loss dielectric performance that are light weight and offer design freedom for complex shapes. PREPERM™ material solutions, design and prototyping support can help take you from idea to mass production as quickly as possible.

Sustainable Solutions Highlights

PREPERM™ Low Loss Dielectric Formulations for antennae and base station components.

Edgetek™ formulations are used in base station components.

ECCOH™ Micromodules and ECCOH™ + Syncure™ 5G Hybrid Cable Insulation + Jacket materials are specifically designed to for optical fiber components.

Fiber-Line™ Swellcoat™ Water Blocking Yarns support 5G antennae, data centers, and backbone cable designs to prevent equipment damage and signal attenuation due to water ingression in the cables.

Glasforms™ pultrusion technologies provide a durable, corrosion resistant pole to support telecommunications and power distribution.

cable wire

Application Highlight:

5G Fiber Optic Cables

Eco-conscious Sustainable Infrastructure

The Challenge

The need for better, faster and more reliable technology is stronger than ever and 5G is designed to provide high speed connectivity. To achieve accessibility in low density areas, providers need cable technology to easily deploy fiber to the home (FTTH) networks.

The Solution & Impact

Fiber-Line™ Fiber Optic Cable solutions enhance the performance and prolong the life of FOC with water blocking yarns, strength members, and ripcords, enabling cable manufacturers to optimize slimmer, stronger, cables at longer aerial spans with lower tension—critical for rural FTTH networks.