5G as a Sustainability Enabler 

Among many learnings, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for better, faster and more reliable technology. Infrastructure, commerce, education and healthcare are just a few example areas that became reliant on 24/7 internet accessibility, as populations in countries around the world began sheltering and conducting life “remotely.” 5G, fiber optic cabling components and other network supporting infrastructure have been crucial in the response and recovery.

5G (the 5th generation mobile network) is designed to connect machines, objects, and devices, providing data hundreds of times faster than current wireless technology. It carries the potential to act as an enabler of environmental sustainability and public health. In response to potential crises, sensors enabled by 5G can detect unsafe chemicals in water, help in identifying and managing leaks in water lines, and pro-actively notify authorities about possible risks. 5G can also provide people with better tools to monitor and improve air quality. Cities will have greater opportunities to install air quality monitoring stations that measure pollutants and particulates at a street level. There is also the potential to install intelligent traffic signals with dynamic functioning, improving the efficiency of traffic flows and thereby help protect air quality and congestion. 

PrepermTM and EdgetekTM Formulations exceed the base station requirements of 5G antenna applications. From design flexibility to easy processing, our customizable materials can dial in specific Dk (Dielectric Constant)/Df (Dissipation Factor) values to meet manufacturing requirements, helping customers reduce lead times and increase speed to market.

Fiber-LineTM SwellcoatTM Water Blocking Yarns support 5G antennae, data centers, and backbone cable designs to prevent equipment damage and signal attenuation due to water ingression in the cables. New lower diameter SwellcoatTM yarns have enabled cable designers to reduce the cable footprint to develop higher fiber count cables, increasing the data transmission capability within a fixed cross section. 

ECCOHTM Low Smoke and Fume Non-Halogen Formulations can be used as insulation and jacketing for a variety of energy, optical fiber and communication cables for 5G. The formulations offer improved fire safety with low smoke, fume, corrosiveness & toxicity.