Cycle-Time Reduction Additives

Cesa™ CTR Additives

Processing Optimization

Interested in optimizing production with your current machinery? Cesa™ CTR Additives are a cycle-time reducer that delivers measurable results. Adding Cesa CTR solutions to your process at low loading levels can return multiple benefits: more advanced part design capabilities, increased production efficiency and quality, reduced scrap, and improved energy efficiency.

When you choose Cesa CTR to cut your production cycle times, you're also giving your product a leg up on the competition. Enjoy improved dimensional stability, decreased material degradation, and enhanced appearance of finished parts.

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Reduced Energy Use


  • Improves thermal conductivity, cutting time for plastication and cooling
  • Optimizes lubrication for faster injection speed, mold release and extruder output
  • Improves post-mold handling, can eliminate secondary operations
  • Widens processing window via greater control of the resin process temperature
  • Lowers processing temperatures and energy consumption for increased machine efficiency



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