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Renol™ Fiber Colorants Deep Black Colorants for PET Fibers Product/Service Overview Overview of Renol fiber colorants that achieve deep black shades in spun-dyed polyester and polyamide yarns. View
Cash Machine Tray Case Study (Snapshot) Stat-Tech™ formulations provide electrostatic discharge, flame retardant performance, and excellent stiffness for cash machine tray View
Syringe Tip Cap Case Study (Snapshot) Versaflex™ HC Thermoplastic Elastomers increased process efficiency and formulated a solution that met medical application requirements for syringe tip cap. View
Engineered Polymer Formulations for Firearm Components Product Selection Guide Overview of technologies, characteristics, and applications. View
Cesa™ Fiber Additives Hydrophobic Solutions for PP Nonwovens Product/Service Overview Overview of applications and benefits for hydrophobic solutions for PP nonwovens View
Cesa™ Anti-Block Slip LS Product/Service Overview Overview of key features, markets, applications, and regulatory standards. View
Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (LFT) Solutions for Bicycles Application Graphic Explore long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) solutions that meet various bicycle application demands View
Running Shoe Insoles Case Study FlexSpring insoles take advantage of unidirectional, continuous fiberglass and thermoplastics to enable next-level performance for the everyday runner. View
Automotive Aftermarket Overview Application Overview Overview of the needs within automotive aftermarket and the long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) technologies to meet those needs View
Stock Tank Container Case Study (Snapshot) Avient's dedicated onsite field technical service optimized process for stock tank container View
Maxxam™ FR Flame Retardant Polyolefin Formulations Product/Service Overview Overview of key characteristics, markets, applications and formulations View
Aerospace Seating Component Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt™ LCF PES formulation delivered lightweighting for an aerospace seat component through metal replacement (replacing aluminum) View
LubriOne™ Internally Lubricated Formulations – PTFE-free Solutions Product/Service Overview Overview of key characteristics, markets and applications View
Value-Added Services Overview for Color & Additives Product/Service Overview Learn more about Avient's world-class services  View
Syncure™ XLPE Formulations - 200 Series Product/Service Overview Overview and technical properties of the Syncure XLPE 200 Series DBDPE-free formulations View
Cesa™ Flame Retardant Additives PTFE-free and Non-halogen for Polycarbonate Product/Service Overview Overview of benefits and applications for PTFE-free and non-halogen flame retardant additives View
Anti-Static Bellow for Radio Control System Producer Case Study (Snapshot) Stat-Tech™ TPE meets ATEX standard in anti-static bellow View
Tool Handles for Tool Manufacturer Case Study (Snapshot) Stat-tech™ TPE provides electro-static discharge for tool handle grip View
Stat-Tech™ TPE Static Dissipative & Electrically Conductive Thermoplastic Elastomers Product/Service Overview Overview of key characteristics, markets, applications and solutions View
Cesa™ Laser Additives Product/Service Overview Overview of applications and benefits View
Conveyor Belt for Food Processing Belt Manufacturer Case Study (Snapshot) Stat-Tech™ TPE meets ATEX standard and FDA food contact compliance in food processing conveyor belt  View
Cable Grommet for Auto Mirror & Camera Manufacturer Case Study (Snapshot) Stat-Tech™ TPE provides EMI shielding in cable grommet.  View
Wheelchair caster wheels Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt™ long carbon fiber (LCF) composites replaced aluminum to reduce weight and enable design freedom for a wheelchair OEM View
Cesa™ Unify A4R Product/Service Overview Product key characteristics, markets and applications, and sustainability benefits View
Body Wash Caps Case Study (Snapshot) ColorWorks™ Design and Technology Centers delivered custom colors and provided quick turnaround on body wash caps for a leading consumer goods company View