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RENOL™ UL94 Compliant Masterbatches - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Concentrates for electrical and electronic applications that allow fast, cost-efficient project management  View
OMNICOLOR™ Multipurpose Color Concentrates Product Bulletin Product description, key characteristics, markets & applications View
MEVOPUR™ Colorants for Ophthalmic Closures Application Bulletin Learn about the key characteristics and regulatory support MEVOPUR™ Colorants offer for ophthalmic closures View
Ear Defender Bracket - Case Study Case Study (Brief) LubriOne™ Formulation provided mechanical and wear resistance for Sordin ear defender bracket View
GLS™ TPEs with Antimicrobial Technologies - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin GLS™ TPEs with imbedded antimicrobial additives that inhibit bacterial growth by 99.9% or more and resist fungal growth to protect finished plastic parts View
ColorMatrix™ Amosorb™ 4020R rPET Booster - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Oxygen scavenger booster specifically formulated for use with recycled PET (rPET) View
Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs): A Beginner's Guide Brochures & Product Information Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are used to create durable products that we use everyday. Learn how to design with TPEs and the advantages of using this eco-friendly material.  View
MEVOPUR™ Special Effects for Healthcare Devices and Pharmaceutical Packaging - Application Bulletin Application Bulletin Learn about the key characteristics and regulatory support MEVOPUR™ Special Effect colorants offer for healthcare devices and pharmaceutical packaging View
Additives & Colorants for PET - Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide List with examples of polymer additives and colorants that are suitable for PET resins View
Fishing Rod Handle - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Edgetek™ Glass-Filled Thermoplastics provided toughness and stiffness to fishing rod handle View
Rejoin PCR Masterbatch for Polyolefins Product Bulletin Description and key characteristics View
MEVOPUR™ Colors and Functional Additives for In Vitro Diagnostic Devices - Application Bulletin Application Bulletin Benefits of using MEVOPUR™ Colors and Functional Additives for in vitro diagnostic devices View
Power Tool - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Edgetek™ PK PEEK Formulation improved strength, stiffness and stability for piston ring and connecting rod on power tool View
Biobased Design Furniture - Case Study Case Study (Brief) RENOL™ custom masterbatch and engineered materials fulfilled color, appearance, UV stabilization and material requirements for biobased design furniture View
Continuous Glucose Monitor – Case study Case Study (Brief) Healthcare device OEM benefitted from single source supplier for pre-colored solutions, Trilliant™ HC thermoplastics, and regulatory support View
Biopharmaceutical Tubing – Case Study Case Study (Brief) The lower extractable profile of Versaflex™ HC BT218 thermoplastic elastomer provided a drop-in material replacement with excellent clarity and performance for a medical tubing extruder View
COVID-19 Containment Tube Screw Caps – Case Study Case Study (Brief) Broad range of Versaflex™ HC 3810 TPEs, all formulated without animal derivatives, met demands for barrier, flexibility and sealing performance View
Medical Device Housing – Case Study Case Study (Brief) Trilliant™ HC8900 thermoplastics delivered superior chemical resistance after exposure to hospital-grade disinfectants View
How to Perfect Thermal Management in LED Lighting Applications Article Learn how polymers can improve heat management, reduce weight, and expand design freedom View
Smart Alternative for Heat Dissipation Yields Savings Article Read how a manufacturer cut heat sink costs and improved agility for LED lighting assemblies by replacing aluminum with Therma-Tech™ thermally conductive polymers View
Polymer Heat Sinks for LED Lighting Article A shift from metal to Therma-Tech™ formulation drives improved product line for LED component manufacturer View
CESA™ Nofog Plus Additives - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Solutions that work in both hot and cold fog conditions and in mono and multilayer film to keep food attractive for longer View
ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Specialty Toners for PC - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Cutting-edge liquid toner for polycarbonate resins that provides visual clarity for PC and improves aesthetics on the product surface View
MEVOPUR™ Amber Colorants for Pharmaceutical Packaging - Application Bulletin Application Bulletin Learn about the key characteristics and regulatory support MEVOPUR™ Amber Colorants offer in pharmaceutical packaging View
ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Toners - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin PET blue toners and colors for enhanced recyclability View