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Electric Vehicle Part Application Snapshot Maxxam polyolefin replaces aluminum and reduces weight in electric vehicle part View
Lawn Equipment Application Solutions Application Graphic Explore Highlights material solutions (engineered polymers and TPEs) for lawn and garden equipment View
Battery Pack and Cover for Vacuum Cleaner Application Snapshot Maxxam™ FR Flame Retardant Formulations provided certified material and added durability to vacuum battery pack and cover View
Personal Care Bottles and Closures Application Snapshot Simplified colorant ordering and lower cost for personal care products manufacturer View
Innovative carbon fiber solutions SG pipe replacement Case Study Innovative carbon fiber matrix organizations and infusion formulations enable pipeline renewal View
Underwire for Underwear Brand Application Snapshot Customized reSound™ BIO TPE provided comfort and bio derived content for underwire for a famous underwear brand View
Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Blower Vacuum Case Study Complēt™ MT 40% Long Glass Fiber Impact Modified Formulation used to produce fans for lawn blowers and vacuums View
Complēt™ Fiber Long Reinforced Thermoplastics Fan Blade Color Card Complēt™ Fiber Long Reinforced Thermoplastics used in an axial fan blade for strength and lightweighting View
Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Piranha Propeller Case Study Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6 used in watercraft propeller blade View
Complēt™ Hybrid Moisture Resistant Watercraft Steering Column Case Study Complēt™ Hybrid Moisture Resistant Composite material used to consolidate parts in a personal watercraft steering column View
Complēt™ LFT Automotive Aftermarket Side Step Case Study Complēt™ Long Fiber Reinforced Structural Thermoplastics used in automotive aftermarket side step View
Pressure-sensitive Switch Mats Application Snapshot Provided custom colors and durable solution for high-traffic area mats View
Long Fiber Technologies Application Development Brochure Avient long fiber technologies application development center bulletin highlighting services including design support, material validation, simulation support, and in-house prototyping View
Utility Box Stiffener Application Snapshot Nymax™ REC Glass-Filled Formulations provide mechanical performance and stable raw material supply for utility box stiffeners View
Nylon Carpet for Carpet Producer Application Snapshot Antimicrobial additive solutions can be customized to BCF processing for high-quality hygienic carpet flooring. View
Cesa™ Stat Antistatic Additives for Automotive Interiors Application Bulletin Learn more about Cesa™ Stat Antistatic Additives for automotive applications View
Snowmobile OEM Snow Flap Application Snapshot Read how the combined value of a specialty TPE and technical support met processing and performance demands View
Rejoin PCR Masterbatch for Polyolefins (Chinese) Product Bulletin Description and Key Characteristics (Chinese language version) View
Lower Exterior Bumper Application Snapshot Smartbatch™ Combination Colorants and Additives give the metallic look without the paint for an exterior bumper View
Colorant Chromatics™ FEP UV Laser Marking (Chinese) Product Bulletin Product description, key characteristics and markets/applications (Chinese language version) View
Anti-counterfeiting Technologies for Packaging Article Discover the pros and cons of anti-counterfeiting technologies. View
Airgun Bullet Casing Application Snapshot Delivered a high-impact nylon formulation with equal performance and 80% less weight View
Automotive Dashboard/IP Carrier Application Snapshot Hydrocerol Chemical Foaming Agents reduces dashboard carrier weight View
Satellite OEM Braided Tether Application Snapshot Fiber-Line Vectran braided satellite tether designed to pull satellite down at end-of-life and burn upon re-entry View
Syncure™ XLPE Cross-linkable Polyethylene Formulation Semiconductive Polymer Solution for Tree Wire Cables Application Bulletin Overview of Syncure XLPE semiconductive grade for medium voltage, tree wire aerial cables View