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Enabling A Circular Economy 

What is a circular economy*? 

A circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. There are three key steps to closing the gap: 

  • Design out waste and pollution 
  • Keep products and materials in use
  • Regenerate natural systems

How does Avient support a circular economy?

As the world continues to shift from operating in a linear economy to a circular economy, Avient is proud to be a part of the solution. Through our design expertise and material science, we help our customers reduce material usage, enable recycle solutions, improve physical performance and reuse potential of recycled materials. 

Avient also recently announced a 2030 sustainability goal to reach 100% of our materials for the packaging market to be recyclable or reusable. 


Circular Economy Highlighted Solutions:

AmosorbTM Oxygen Scavenger for PET
Creates an active barrier against oxygen ingress to help enhance product protection and extend shelf life. Our latest technology offers up to 50% lower haze and reduced impact on the PET recycle stream compared to previous grades. Additionally, it extends shelf life and reduces spoilage. 

reSoundTM R VX TPEs 
TPEs formulated with up to 40% PIR or 25% PCR content using recycled ocean plastics from Oceanworks®. 

ColorMatrixTM OpticaTM Toners 
Blue toners and colorants work to correct and reduce the yellowing or color variation that typically occurs during the recycling process. 

OnColorTM IR Sortable Black for Recyclable Packaging 
Allows previously non-recyclable black packaging to be detected, sorted and recycled by NIR equipment in waste management plants. Keeps black packaging within the circular economy and out of landfills. 

ColorMatrixTM JouleTM & SmartheatTM Infrared Absorber 
Increases the infrared uptake capability of PET when added at the reactor stage. Improves recyclability for blended resins while reducing energy required during injection-stretch blow molding by up to 35%.