Electrical Performance Additives

Ensuring optimum performance of electrical and electronic components is critical for safety and overall product efficiency. There is often a need to enhance functionality, from improving conductivity to dissipating static charge.  

We offer several technologies that can help reduce the risk of fire hazards, ensure regulatory compliance, or maintain product appearance, just to name a few key requirements. Our additives are compatible with a variety of resins and processes, and they can be combined with colorants into a single, convenient formulation. 

Circuit Board

Cesa™ Conductive Additives

Prevent static discharge that can damage sensitive electronic components.

EV charging station

Cesa™ Flame Retardants

Choose from halogenated or non-halogenated flame retardant formulations to help mitigate fire hazards. 

Vital sign medical machine

Cesa™ Stat Antistatic Additives

Create safer, statically dissipated parts for electronics, packaging, military, and healthcare applications.


OnColor™ UL 94 Colorants

Eliminate extra UL listing approval steps and gain speed to market with over 2,000 UL 94 - recognized colorants.