Why Work With Us

Whether you’re looking for greater differentiation, higher performance, or lightning-fast speed to market, we can help sharpen your competitive edge. By bringing together design, engineering and material selection in one seamless process, our services create a streamlined experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

Avient Design includes a highly specialized group of industrial designers and project engineers who also understand materials and molding. Our engineering support and design for manufacturability services enable your products to perform better and gain market share. Our proprietary process involves advanced design and detailed analysis that fosters higher levels of innovation. Backed by Avient’s global footprint, we’re able to provide you with critical design and materials insights to help you launch game-changing products.

The Avient Design team is dedicated to assisting you with high quality engineering and design for manufacturability insights. We can help to simplify your entire process to accelerate time to market and create products that win with your customers.

What We Do