Repellant & Antimicrobial Additives

Add an extra level of protection to plastic products with Avient’s portfolio of repellant and antimicrobial additives. Protect wires and cables from rats and termites, help fight against malaria with mosquito repelling concentrates for mosquito nets, and reduce microbe growth on plastic surfaces. Learn more below about the products in this range.  

torn wire cable

Cesa™ Aversive Technology

Protect your wire and cable or other products from rats, or termites with these low-concern additives.

Mosquito on skin

Cesa™ Fiber Antimosquito Additives

Cesa™ Fiber Antimosquito Additives enable the production of especially durable, efficient mosquito nets that keep their functionality for more than five years and 20 washings as per WHO recommendations.


Cesa™ WithStand™ Antimicrobial Additives

Cesa™ WithStand™ Antimicrobial Additives counteract bacteria, fungi and microbes to enhance the performance of plastic products and devices.