Automotive Case Study


Demanding transportation requirements are evolving quickly to meet energy efficiency standards. Reducing weight in both small and large, combustion and electronic vehicles helps to improve energy efficiency.

Avient has developed sustainable technologies that offer lightweight alternatives to heavier metals, while delivering comparable or improved performance. As regulations around vehicle air quality have been accelerating, we have designed a suite of materials that reduce VOC emissions. We work closely with design engineers to help them meet their sustainability goals, including fuel-efficient combustion vehicles and next generation electric vehicles. From the headlight to the taillight, sustainable automotive designs and manufacturing ideas come zooming to life with the right materials.

VersaflexTM PF Tack Layer for Surface Protective Films lower VOC emissions during manufacturing and eliminate secondary coating and drying operations.

OnColorTM FXTM Special Effect Colorants achieve an appearance comparable to glossy or brushed metal while reducing VOC emissions by replacing paint.

EdgetekTM LD Density-Modified Formulations are high performing, low-density materials ideal for use in automotive applications where weight reduction is of key importance.

NymaxTM PIR Post-Industrial Recycled Nylon Formulations offer high strength, durability and impact resistance, all while enabling landfill waste reduction of > 21M pounds since 2016, by providing an alternative use for post-industrial reclaimed nylon*.

ComplētTM & OnforceTM Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics are formulated for demanding applications that require high stiffness and good impact in structural and metal replacement applications. These solutions offer improved performance in the areas of creep and fatigue performance, improved dimensional stability, and exhibit exceptional surface finish.

Fiber-LineTM Coated Kevlar® Fiber reduces weight in Jet Turbine Containment Rings by 80% when compared to traditional steel applications. This weight reduction improves fuel efficiency and improves passenger safety as containment rings protect against blade failure.

HydrocerolTM Chemical Foaming and Nucleating Agents reduce material requirements by up to 20% without compromising stiffness, mechanical properties, or aesthetic appeal.

*Formulations are > 20% recycled content