High-Temperature Color Concentrates

Sitting atop the plastics pyramid, high-temperature formulations provide robust material performance at elevated temperatures in excess of 300°F (150°C).  

At Avient, we collaborate with both designers and manufacturers to optimize the use of these engineered polymers. We excel in developing targeted high-temperature colorant and additive packages you need to ensure your products perform as expected.  

Our experience includes developing color concentrates for PEEK, PEI, PES, PSU, and PPSU resins. We can also improve material functionality with additions such as laser marking additives, conductive materials, radiation cross-linkable solutions, glass fiber and other reinforcing materials, infrared filtering, and more. High-temperature color concentrates are suitable for demanding applications in industries such as aerospace, healthcare, industrial, and automotive.

Blue factory equipment

Colorant Chromatics™ PEEK Colorants

These concentrates can help optimize pigment dispersion to streamline production and enhance part quality.

Seat rows inside an airplane

Colorant Chromatics™ PES/PSU/PPSU Concentrates

Discover how these metal-free formulations can boost color consistency, enhance aesthetics, and increase speed to market.

Manometry equipment in a hospital

Colorant Chromatics™ Transcend™ Premier Healthcare Colorants

Based on polysulfone resins, these opaque and transparent colorants are specifically formulated to achieve high heat resistance in healthcare applications.