100% PCR for Packaging

Rejoin™ PCR Colorants

Enables 100% PCR Packaging

Achieving 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging is at the forefront of the sustainability goals for many consumer goods companies. Colorant and additive masterbatches created with virgin resin, however, means a package does not reach the full 100% PCR goal. 

Rejoin™ PCR Colorants enable PCR to be used as a carrier resin, effectively allowing a bottle or part to be manufactured with 100% PCR. It combines pigments and functional additives into one solution without creating a negative impact on color or mechanical properties. Rejoin can be added at the press using standard equipment and having little to no impact on processing.  


*APR's 2018 Life Cycle Inventory Analysis

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  • Enables 100% PCR packaging
  • Helps companies meet sustainability goals
  • Formulations can include both colorants and functional additives
  • Replaces virgin resin, reducing total energy consumption and limiting emissions*



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