Long Fiber Moisture Resistant Nylons

Complēt™ Moisture Resistant Nylons 

Environmentally Stabilized Nylon 6 and 6/6 Long Fiber Composites 

Complēt™ moisture resistant long fiber reinforced nylons, in PA 6 and 6/6 matrices, have slowed moisture uptake, which provides a more stable and predictable mechanical property profile during real world use. 
If you require consistent performance in a range of climates, Complēt moisture resistant nylons are a cost-effective alternative to less hygroscopic specialty nylons for applications that intermittently experience moisture-rich environments. 
Providing conditioned structural performance at levels between standard and specialty nylons, these composites are ideal for lightweighting initiatives in the automotive or powersports industries that rely on dependable materials with exceptional load carrying and fatigue resistant capabilities. 

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  • Gradual moisture uptake to maintain structural properties longer in humid and aqueous environments for more consistent performance
  • Performance proportional to specialty nylons at less cost
  • Better dimensional stability and easier processing at higher fiber content levels than standard nylons
  • Glass fiber formulations provide enhanced surface aesthetics free of visible fiber
  • Better flow characteristics at high fiber content levels

Long Glass Fiber (LGF) Strength Retention

Water Submersion Experiment

Long Carbon Fiber (LCF) Strength Retention

Water Submersion Experiment

Resin-Rich Surface Aesthetics

Long Glass Fiber Formulations

Smoother Finish



LGF50-PA66 Moisture Resistant LGF50-PA6 Moisture Resistant LCF50-PA66 Moisture Resistant
Specific Gravity, DAM 1.57 1.56 1.31
Tensile Strength, DAM (psi) 37,500 34,000 48,000
Flexural Modulus, DAM (psi) 2,150,000 1,950,000 3,450,000
Notched Impact, DAM (ft-lb/in) 4.5 5.0 3.5
HDT @264 psi, DAM 444℉ - 453℉
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