Outdoor High Performance Case Study

Outdoor High Performance 

Outdoor enthusiasts demand gear and equipment that delivers uncompromising performance, in places where failure is not an option. Other popular sports and leisure activities, such as yoga and little league baseball, have created additional growing market segments. 

Some customers want to reduce weight but maintain strength and function, while others need protection against UV light, harsh temperatures, and other elements that might diminish product life. Our materials help customers provide durable, long-lasting products for the casual explorer, the social adventurer, and the extreme enthusiast. 

reSound™ Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint TPEs are formulated to achieve a negative, neutral or low carbon footprint versus traditional TPEs.

Complēt™ & Onforce™ Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics are formulated for demanding applications that require high stiffness and good impact in structural and metal replacement applications. 

Polystrand™ Tapes and Laminates reduce weight to improve fuel economy, and enable thin-walling and material reduction through reinforcement of traditional materials. 

reSound™ Biopolymer Formulations combine engineering thermoplastic resins with bio-polymers such as PLA, PHB, PHBV and biopolyesters. These formulations offer a unique balance of temperature, impact and cost performance, while reducing the carbon footprint from the onset of a product life cycle. 

OnColor™ BIO Colorants are based on biodegradable raw materials and perform well with bioplastics such as PLA, PHA, PHBV, PBS, PBAT and special blends of those materials. These formulations help our customers make sustainable sporting equipment and protective gear. 

OnFlex™ Thermoplastic Elastomers are dedicated to a variety of demanding power sport applications, including ATVs, watercrafts and snowmobiles. Additionally, these TPEs reduce VOCs, fogging and odor for vehicle interiors.