Continuous Fiber Composite Tape, Laminates and Barstock

Want to reduce weight while maintaining strength, durability and design flexibility? Avient combines high strength, unidirectional fibers with engineered thermoplastic and thermoset resins to create continuous fiber reinforced composites that meet technical and structural demands across a broad range of applications.

Composite Springs

Raise the bar on fatigue life and design flexibility with unidirectional thermoset composite springs for industrial and consumer applications

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Gordon Glass™ Archery Bow Limbs

With deep deflection and excellent fatigue resistance, Gordon Glass advanced composites power the best bows on earth

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Gordon Composites™ Thermoset Laminates & Barstock

Our highly customizable laminates and barstock add strength and flexibility across a broad range of markets and applications

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Polystrand™ Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Tape & Laminates

High performance tapes and laminates for material reinforcement that improve strength, lower component weight and reduce cycle times

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