3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

Let’s Explore What’s Possible

What if Apollo 13 had been able to print a part to fix their damaged vessel? Could an individual print a prosthetic fingertip using a 3D printer at their home? What if a child had a damaged windpipe, and the hospital could print a splint, insert it, and see immediate results knowing it will dissolve safely as the child heals? These are all real stories, and they were made possible by 3D printing.

From consumer goods to electronics, sporting goods to prosthetics, aerospace and more,
3D printing is having an impact on our world. No one is 100% sure where this technology can take us, and that’s an interesting place to be.

At Avient, we’re working to find ways 3D printing can take you to a new level of innovation. We use this technology today for concepts, prototypes, and prototype tooling, in conjunction with our design resources to help you quickly evaluate multiple iterations and optimize your manufacturing process, as well as your product’s performance and aesthetics. We’re also developing materials that enable customers to use 3D printing for higher performance prototypes and production parts.

Because we make specialty polymer formulations, additives and colorants, 3D printing is an enabling technology for us – it allows us to provide you with tangible prototypes, new material capabilities, and design support.

We’d like to hear what you’re doing with this technology, or what you’d like to do. We believe that by taking this journey together, we can both find the best ways to make 3D printing live up to its promise.