Fiber-Line™ Engineered Fiber Products


From fiber optics to synthetic wire and sporting goods to oil and gas, engineered yarns are used in all kinds of products and industries. Our customized solutions are designed to enhance the inherent properties of high-performance synthetic fibers to help you meet the specific requirements of these demanding applications.

Our research, development, and engineering teams are continuously evaluating new materials and processes that allow us to offer improved products and solutions to meet your requirements.




Designed to rip through the thickest, toughest jacketing materials – even in below freezing temperatures.

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Swellcoat™ Water Blocking Yarn


Engineered to be the last line of defense against the damaging effects of water penetration in cable applications.

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Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)


High strength fiber reinforced composite rods with upjacketing up to 17.0mm.

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Strength Members


Central strength members or components of larger structures, these engineered synthetic fibers are 5 to 10 times stronger than steel.

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Packing Yarn


For applications including braided compression packing, packing rings, and packing materials for pumps and valves.

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Belt & Hose Reinforcement Yarn


Our Belt & Hose fiber portfolio includes a variety of twisted and corded products for reinforcement in drive / timing belts and hoses.

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Industrial Fabric Yarn


Whether you are knitting, weaving or braiding, our yarn for industrial fabrics can be customized to meet your exact requirements. 

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wire harness

Wire Harness Yarn


Our high performance fibers specifically designed for wire harness applications protect against thermal degradation, resist harsh fluids, and add insulation.

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