Access to new technology has made counterfeiters more sophisticated than ever. Brand owners need access to reliable anti-counterfeit measures in order to safeguard their brands, and protect their customers. 

How do counterfeits affect brands? They can harm brand integrity, reduce consumer safety, and even increase the risk of product liability issues.  

While the number and complexity of specific technologies continue to proliferate, they fall into two basic categories:  

  • Overt Protection: These are methods and technologies that anyone, consumers included, can see and identify on a product. Safety shrink-wraps, stickers, and holograms are examples 
  • Covert Protection: These methods are hidden from the naked eye and are only seen or apparent using special ID or testing equipment. Inks, dyes, and integrated polymer-based solutions are examples 

Avient can help you apply integrated anti-counterfeiting solutions to your polymer articles with our specialty additives and technical support. 

Wearable Medical Watches

Cesa™ Percept™ Authentication Technologies

Cesa™ Percept™ enables product or brand owners to positively identify their products versus counterfeit products in the marketplace. Select from overt or covert solutions, available for a wide range of polymers.


PLASTIWARD Counterfeit Protection

The result of a partnership between trusted security provider SICPA and Avient, PLASTIWARD is an end-to-end security solution that integrates taggant molecules into your products’ polymer masterbatch.