Plastic bottles

Consumer Packaging 

The global preference for plastics in consumer packaging has led to explosive growth and the production of hundreds of millions of containers for different applications per year. Plastic packaging is convenient, safe, lighter weight, and the most cost-effective way to protect and deliver consumer products, including food and beverages, all over the world. 

Along with the tremendous benefits that plastics bring to society, there is also a responsibility to ensure plastic waste does not end up in the environment. As the technology and economics of global reclamation infrastructure continue to improve, Avient is proud to be working closely with our customers to develop innovative solutions that support a circular economy. Our technologies help to reduce material usage, improve container recyclability, and improve physical performance and reuse potential of recycled materials.

AmosorbTM  Additives protect packaged products and reduce spoilage while also helping to preserve the ability of the material to be reclaimed and used in a new bottle, while allowing reduced wall thickness. 

OnColorTM and CESATM IR Sortable Black Colorants eliminate carbon black to allow reclaimed black plastics, such as those found in food trays, to be detected and properly recycled by automated sorters. 

OpticaTM Toners for PET for PET improve clarity and color tone and enable use of increased amounts of post- consumer recycled (PCR) content while maintaining aesthetics. 

ReprizeTM IV Builder helps improve the physical and aesthetic properties of the reclaimed PET plastics.

SmartheatTM Infrared Absorbers are additives that reduce the amount of energy required during bottle manufacture. 

SenseActionTM Custom Colors for caps help to protect end consumers by combining a dedicated raw material range with a safe production process that mitigates the risk of organoleptic influences. 

HIFORMERTM Liquid Masterbatches provide sustainability and production benefits for packaging film suppliers such as longer production runs, reduced energy consumption and reduce waste.