Non-Blooming TPEs

Versaflex™ Non-Blooming TPEs for Consumer Electronics

Deliver Premium Surface Finish

Consumer electronics need to dazzle customers with both appearance and function. For brand owners and OEMs to achieve this, they need materials free of surface blooms and ready to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Versaflex™ CE Non-Blooming TPEs are specifically formulated to overcome the challenge of surface blooms when overmolding consumer electronics. These new materials integrate excellent aesthetics and functionality, including UV and stain resistance, without sacrificing mechanical properties. These engineered TPEs also have the added benefit of eliminating secondary processing, which reduces energy use and supports manufacturers in reaching their sustainability goals.

In terms of material advantages, these Versaflex grades are proven to provide a superior combination of stain resistance and UV resistance compared to benchmark soft-touch overmolding materials. They also offer outstanding anti-abrasion and anti-scratch performance for a quality look that lasts.

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Reduced Energy Use


  • Integrates aesthetics and functionality
  • Provides outstanding appearance performance and a silky touch
  • Excellent UV and stain resistance
  • Resists abrasion and scratching
  • Eliminates secondary processing step, which expands design freedom and supports processing efficiencies



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