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Cesa™ Flame Retardant Additives

Promotes Fire Safety

Flame retardants are used in a variety of applications from building materials, furniture, upholstery, electrical and electronic components to automotive parts. They help mitigate fire hazards by increasing the ignition resistance of plastics, reducing the speed of flame spread, reducing heat release, and reducing smoke and fume generation.

The Cesa Flame Retardant Additives portfolio comprises a wide range of efficient flame retardant technologies that include halogenated substances, hydroxides, phosphorous formulations, and intumescent systems. Their suitability spans various resins from polyolefins and styrenics to engineering resins.

Standard and custom solutions are available to comply with the technical and regulatory requirements of different applications such as Glow Wire ratings for E&E, building and construction standards, textile norms, REACH, and RoHS.

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  • Wide range of halogenated, as well as non-halogen and non-antimony flame retardants
  • Variable dosing levels for added flexibility during processing
  • Suitable for injection molding, blow molding, blown and cast film, sheet extrusion, extrusion coating, and wire & cable applications
  • Portfolio spans a wide range of resins from polyolefins and styrenics to engineering resins
  • Fiber grades available for PP, PET, and PA
  • Can be combined with colors and other additives (e.g. UV stabilizers) in a single product for convenience



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