Acetaldehyde Control Technology

ColorMatrix™ AAzure™ Process Aid with Acetaldehyde Control Technology

Purity of Taste

ColorMatrix AAzure is a patented liquid formulation additive designed for addition to PET preforms, enabling higher levels of rPET use.  It reduces carbon emissions while also reducing preform AA, which helps to minimize the risk of off-taste in bottle contents.

ColorMatrix AAzure allows for further optimization in the bottle blowing process, producing a better quality bottle with improved mechanical strength, while also reducing carbon emissions. This can help to increase rPET content by reducing processing issues such as bottle blowouts, which can often lead to a loss of productivity. ColorMatrix AAzure can also help reduce acetaldehyde levels in the preform by up to 80%, which can be an issue when running higher levels of rPET.

ColorMatrix AAzure has a light blue tint, useful for offsetting any yellowing from using rPET. For applications requiring additional toner capability, ColorMatrix AAzure can be combined without a range of recycle-friendly toners.

ColorMatrix AAzure meets direct food contact regulatory requirements in major markets.

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  • For PET and rPET preforms in food and beverage packaging
  • Achieve up to 80% AA reduction
  • Enable increased rPET content
  • Improve bottle strength
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce processing CO₂ emissions
  • Provide recycle-friendly toner technology



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