Conductive High-Temp Formulations

Colorant Chromatics™ Conductive Formulations

Controlled Conductivity 

Where static dissipation and controlled conductivity are critical, Colorant Chromatics™ Conductive Formulations can meet the requirements of high-temperature applications, such as wire and cable or injection molded parts for the petroleum and the chemical processing industry. 

Controlled dispersion and high-quality carbon black materials enable you to achieve optimal performance for high-temperature extrusion and molding processes. Processing aids can be used to achieve an improved surface finish, expanded heat processing window, elimination of die drool, and higher line speeds. 

Reach out to our experienced technical experts to find the right solution for your application. They can work with you to create proprietary custom formulations or recommend off-the-shelf solutions that help you go to market quicker. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) and semiconductive formulations are available in large and small quantities to support high-volume processes and smaller runs for niche applications. 

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  • Controlled conductivity specifically for high-temperature applications
  • High-quality carbon black materials
  • Standard or custom formulations
  • Small and large quantities available



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