Fiber-Line™ Performance Enhancing Processes


Behind all of our Fiber-Line™ engineered synthetic fibers are a number of value-adding processes that enhance the inherent properties of synthetic fibers.

From specialty coating and yarn treatments, to polymer jacket extrusion and FRP pultrusion, these processes allow us to customize fiber performance to meet your specific application needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help move your fiber products and projects forward.



Fiber-Line™ Coating


Coatings that add color, improve adhesion, absorb and block water, and increase resistance to abrasion, UV or flame

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Fiber-Line™ Extrusion


Add protection and extend the life of wire and cable with polymer jacket extrusion

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Fiber-Line™ Twisting


Custom twisting enables an endless amount of twist levels on a variety of synthetic fibers

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Fiber-Line™ Braiding


Unique characteristics and properties you can’t get from twisted and roved yarns

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Fiber-Line™ Pultrusion


Processing to create fiber reinforced polymer rods in round, oval & rectangular shapes, with upjacketing available

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Fiber-Line™ Precision Winding


Optimized winding process ensures solid package stability and helps increase line speeds

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