Bio-Derived Thermoplastic Elastomers

reSound™ BIO Thermoplastic Elastomers

Bio-Based TPEs 

reSound™ BIO thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are biopolymer formulations derived from plant-based raw materials. The reSound BIO portfolio consists of grades compatible with overmolding onto PP and ABS. All grades utilize 35 to 60 percent bio-renewable content, and they deliver varying hardness levels, favorable property retention UV resistance and flame retardancy comparable to traditional TPEs.

With an opaque, natural color, all reSound bio-based polymers are easily colorable using traditional TPE colorants to match design specifications. They can also be paired with Avient’s sustainable color options.

Like conventional TPEs, the production scrap of plant-based reSound materials can be reused during the manufacturing process.

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  • Bio-derived from plants
  • Contains 35 to 60 percent bio-renewable content
  • Suitable for overmolding onto PP and ABS
  • Natural color that's easily colorable
  • Favorable property retention
  • Resists UV degradation
  • Meets strict flame retardant compliance



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