Long-Lasting Protection for Robust Mosquito Nets

Cesa™ Fiber Antimosquito Additives

Fighting Malaria and Other Vector Borne Diseases

Cesa™ Fiber Antimosquito Additives enable the production of especially durable, efficient mosquito nets that keep their functionality for more than five years and 20 washings as per WHO recommendations. The additive concentrates contain alpha-cypermethrin, an insecticide that acts as a strong neurotoxic agent that attacks the mosquitoes’ central nervous system – eventually leading to their death. Avient also has in its portfolio other insecticide solutions for pyrethroid-resistant mosquito strains.

These antimosquito additive concentrates are specially formulated to allow polyethylene monofilament to guide the polyethylene molecules in a preferential direction which imparts high tenacity. At room temperature, the so-called glass transition temperature causes a permanent rotation of the macromolecules, ensuring a controlled release of the various insecticides to the fiber surface and, therefore, permanent and consistent protection.

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  • Fulfills WHO Specification 454/LN/2
  • High tenacity yarn with 150 denier
  • Decreases worker exposure to pesticides during the manufacturing process



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