Light Blocking Additives for Dairy with Low Inorganic Content & TiO2

ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ Four, One, Zero

Dairy Contents Protection With Superior Whiteness & Low Inorganic Content

The ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ range of high performance light blocking additive solutions for PET dairy and dairy-alternative packaging helps to protect longer shelf life products, especially ultra-high temperature (UHT) liquid dairy products, from visible light-induced oxidation due to ambient storage conditions.

With TiO₂ content between 4% and 0%, ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ Four, One and Zero offers light blocking up to 99.9%, improved performance in thin wall sections, superior whiteness, and can be processed with standard PET grades and rPET.

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  • Improved light blocking performance up to 99.9% at 550nm and 700nm
  • Brighter whiteness L* >90 even in thin wall sections (0.21mm)
  • Plug & go solution – processes similar to virgin PET
  • Process with standard PET grades and rPET
  • Reduces equipment wear and tear
  • TiO₂ content of <4%, <1% & 0% available in the range



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