Fiber Additives

Textiles are used in a variety of applications and need to meet stringent performance and regulatory requirements while displaying appealing colors. With global manufacturing footprint and capabilities, Avient is positioned to supply the textile industry with the highest quality color and functional solutions for extruded fibers and filaments and nonwoven fabrics. These are provided as concentrates, a.k.a. masterbatches, which are incorporated in the fibers during yarn manufacturing (extrusion) with the spin-dyeing technology, a dyeing technology that uses no water and reduced energy compared to other conventional dyeing methods. Solutions include single pigment dispersions, custom color concentrates, and functional additive concentrates to enhance properties such as flame retardancy, UV stabilization, antimicrobial effect, or to improve fiber production processes.


  • Single Pigment Dispersions and custom color concentrates  
  • Wide portfolio of additive concentrates 
  • Possibility to combine colorants and additives into a single combination masterbatch 
  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency 
  • Dedicated team of fiber coloration and additivation experts 
  • Fully equipped color matching and testing laboratories 
  • Focus on safe and sustainable formulations 
  • GRS and bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER accreditations in Asia 
CESA Fiber Additives

Cesa™ Fiber Additives

The Cesa Fiber Additives portfolio includes a wide range of performance enhancing and processing additive masterbatches in pellet form, suitable for spun-dyed polyester, polypropylene and polyamide.

CESA Antimosquito

Cesa™ Fiber Antimosquito Additives

These specially formulated concentrates are used in the production of mosquito nets to provide efficient and durable protection from mosquitos through controlled release of the insecticide. 

Cesa Fiber Tracer

Cesa™ Fiber Tracer Concentrates

Avient's Cesa Fiber Tracer Concentrates are developed to include a custom taggant, unique to the customer and product line, which helps trace the fibers back to their producer.

Magiq Liquid Fiber Colorants

MagIQ™ Liquid Fiber Colorants and Additives

These liquid concentrates, which are injected in the spun-dyed polymer melt, provide excellent color fastness and allow rapid color changes.

MagiQ Nonwoven Electret

MagIQ™ Nonwoven Electret Additives

MagIQ™ Nonwoven Electret Additives is a portfolio of electret masterbatches that improves the dielectric properties of meltblown nonwoven polypropylene thus supporting long-lasting filtration.