Dispersed Pigments for PTFE

Colorant Chromatics™ Dispersed Pigments for PTFE

Uniform Pigment Dispersion 

Enhance PTFE paste extrusion applications with dispersed pigments that improve homogenization and color quality. Colorant Chromatics™ formulations use advanced techniques to achieve uniform dispersion of pigments into the lubricants used for applications, such as tubing, PTFE tape and PTFE yarns. This enables a clean, controlled and precise coloration process and eliminates the additional step of adding dry powder pigments.      

Our team of experts can help create customized formulations to optimize your processing requirements and meet your specific color needs.

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  • Pigment formulations can be tailored for specific applications
  • Standard and custom colors
  • Laser markable colors
  • Colors are heavy metal-free



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