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Avient exists to conquer challenges and unlock the potential of innovation and sustainability everywhere on earth. Working together, we connect exceptional people, ideas, and science to create specialized and sustainable materials that enhance performance and protect the environment. With a commitment to tenacious problem-solving and unwavering service, we enable customers to transform their visions into products that improve quality of life in meaningful, dynamic ways.

We are here to help you change the world. Now, let's get started.

Greetings From Avient 

Thank you for visiting Avient! We are 9,300 diverse and global associates who share a passion for innovation and making a difference.

We invite you to tour our Website and learn about the many exciting ways we are collaborating with our customers and pushing beyond the perceived limits of specialized material and sustainable solutions. We fully embrace this important role and are honored to accept the unique challenges of so many exceptional companies who call upon Avient when they need material science delivered with exceptional service.

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering: to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. On this Website and in our Sustainability Report, you will see the many unique and positive ways we are contributing to a better world.

Culture is everything, and at Avient, we value diversity and inclusion and work-life balance. Every day, we strive to live up to our core values of collaboration, innovation and excellence and our personal values of honesty, integrity and respect.

Our legacy is long and accomplished, yet Avient’s new era as a world-class sustainable organization, in many regards, is only just beginning.

So come explore Avient…and ask yourself, are you ready to “Accept the Challenge?"

We are.

We are Avient.

Challenge Accepted.