Ethics Hotline

As a member of every community in which we operate, we recognize that our stakeholders extend beyond our associates, customers and suppliers. The countries and communities where we work, and the world at large, are impacted by our actions. As a growing, global company, this means we are faced with challenging situations and complex decision making.

Avient strives to uphold a consistent global standard of ethical conduct, while respecting the cultures and business practices of the countries and local communities with which we interact. If we fail to live up to these expectations, we want our associates, vendors and stakeholders to let us know. This is why we’ve established the Avient ethics hotline — available to anyone at any time. If you have concerns about Avient business practices, visit our dedicated Ethics Hotline or call +1-877-228-5410.

The ethics hotline is available globally to make a web-based or telephonic report, with multi-language capabilities, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hotline is operated by an external professional service company that provides these services to many companies. When you report using the hotline, you will not be asked to identify yourself and you may remain anonymous.