Inspired Services for Every Step of your Process

You may know us for our industry-leading technologies, but our services are what truly differentiate us from the competition. To complement our wide selection of products, we work hard to maintain a robust catalog of services that support your ever-changing needs and give you a competitive edge. 

Innovation Centers

Whether your operations are looking for ways to increase manufacturing capacity, discover new colorant options, get help with product design, test and analyze materials or take advantage of the latest advances in materials science, Avient services are available to help you turn good projects, into great ones.

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Color Services

Our industry-leading portfolio of colorants and color design services enable you to differentiate and win. We advance our customers' projects from concept to commercialization by engaging and helping them translate their design needs into intelligent brands and applications.

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Color Collaborative Design: ColorWorks™

ColorWorks provides highly specialized color collaborative design service combined with  color technology and expertise to support designers, marketing specialists and brand managers in their brand lifecycle management. The collaborative design approach, from the initial consulting phase, through the translation of ideas into color, shapes, effects, to the final phase of prototyping and sampling, accelerates and streamlines the product development process.

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The CycleWorks innovation center serves as a collaboration platform for value chain partners to advance mechanical plastic recycling.

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Avient Design

Avient Design is a group of highly experienced industrial designers and project engineers. Our unbiased approach and unique combination of design, polymer science and manufacturing expertise help you bring amazing new products to market fast.

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Polymer Support Services

We’ve matched our comprehensive portfolio of engineered polymers with world-class technical services to help you make informed decisions, solve your toughest material challenges, and optimize the product development process. Tap into our resources and expertise to streamline and optimize your product development process.

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PCR Color Prediction Service

This digital color service supports PCR resin coloration by digitally illustrating the color possibilities or limitations of certain types of PCR, helping to simplifying the overall decision-making process and shortening the time-to-launch for new product ranges.

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Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Calculator

Avient’s Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculator evaluates the carbon footprint of our solutions to help provide an understanding of the environmental impact of end products.

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