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When it comes to the creative application of color and special effects in product design and branding, ColorWorks™ centers are an invaluable source of ideas, inspiration and technical guidance. At any of our five global ColorWorks centers, brand managers and designers work with our dedicated team of experts to establish high-impact color concepts at the earliest stages of product development. Focusing simultaneously on aesthetics, functionality, color efficiency and project coordination, ColorWorks helps you heighten shelf impact, differentiate your brands, control costs and time-to-market, and manage color across multiple resins.

Maintaining color consistency across multiple resins sourced from different suppliers in countries around the world is a complex task that requires color-management knowledge and global resources. Our ColorWorks team can establish master color standards against which new materials may be evaluated, and distribute these color references throughout your supply chain. Our experts can evaluate materials submitted by your vendors to confirm that they meet your specifications. And with our color-management services, you are assured that the color you’ve selected will be faithfully produced – part after part and time after time.

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