New Aesthetix

Innovative Aesthetic Solutions for Thermoplastics

Aesthetix Collage

Avient’s New Aesthetix initiative delivers innovative aesthetic solutions for thermoplastics by combining polymer science, creativity and unconventional ways to look at processing and formulation. The team working on this initiative is fully integrated with and supported by the global ColorWorks™ network. The main objective of the initiative is to work on specific projects which are selected by our market experts to answer industry needs for aesthetic effects that cannot be met by the conventional development route. 

Here are examples of aesthetic solutions successfully developed via the New Aesthetix initiative:

  • Tschùmbia! effect– discrete multicolored confetti effect suitable for polyolefins and TPO
  • Kadrega effect– random patterns that are each unique but also companion to each other suitable for polypropylene, TPE, TPU, and SAN
  • Toukelín effect – natural looking gold or black speckles for virgin and recyled polyolefins and styrenics
  • Cork effect – natural cork effect for TPE stoppers 
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall… – a collection of silver and chrome effect for ISBM of PET and rPET addressed to high-end personal care and cosmetic products
  • Prèstige satinée – a collection of satin glass effect for PET and rPET
  • Dark NIRvana  – a range of dark, intense hues for high-end packaging in virgin and PCR HDPE, PP, PET, featuring NIR detectable colorants
  • Snow white and the seven speckles - discrete, white/off-white/pearlescent speckles for injection molded PE, PP, ABS, and SAN