Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

Message from the CEO

Creating A World-Class, Sustainable Organization

We have published our most recent Sustainability Report at a time when the world has made encouraging progress on its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. While there is still much work to do, and certain prevention protocols will remain for some time, our organization has been reflecting on the last 18 months.

We do so with a sense of pride for how we prioritized the health and safety of our associates, and for our contributions as an essential supplier to many of the world’s crucial products and services. We also find value in the many learnings and opportunities that have surfaced, as the experience of the pandemic has shaped behaviors,priorities and lifestyles for generations to come.

Among them is that the response and recovery effort confirmed something we at Avient have always known - that the role our material science plays in sustainability for the world is more important than ever. Avient answered the call to deliver much needed healthcare supplies, including facemasks, ventilators, test kits, and other PPE. We were there for the food and consumer product supply chain, allowing for long shelf life of perishable goods and for safe handling of cleaning and sanitization supplies. For IT infrastructure that enabled the shift to remote work and for high performance applications as people of the world adapted lifestyles to more outdoor activities…we were there.

As the world now seeks the next generation of sustainable solutions…we are also there. From increasing post consumer recycled (PCR) and bio-polymer content, to improving the overall recyclability of plastics, our technology teams are proudly collaborating with customers to bring new innovations to market.

At the same time, we have continued to invest in the environmental, social and governance priorities that are incumbent upon companies today, including actions that address climate change. We have updated performance progress toward our 2030 Sustainability Goals as well as expanded commitments, such as utilizing 100% renewable energy and becoming operationally carbon neutral by 2050. Herein you’ll also find increased reporting and transparency in each of four sustainability cornerstones: People, Products, Planet and Performance.

The purpose of our Sustainability Report is not solely ESG compliance and reporting. We publish this report to offer a comprehensive look at Avient -one that highlights examples of our commitment to safety, diversity and inclusion, equality and human rights. It highlights how our products are making a positive difference in the lives of others. You’ll also read how we view our role as a responsible corporate citizen to the world and as a great place to work for our associates.

I would like to thank you for taking time to read our 2020 Sustainability Report and better understand the incredible work our team is doing. As always, we welcome your feedback, ideas and questions as we take a collaborative approach to our ultimate and ongoing vision of being a world-class sustainable organization.

Robert M. Patterson
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer