Toners & Colors for Enhanced Recyclability

ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Toners & Colors for Enhanced Recyclability

Correct & Reduce Yellowing, Improve Quality of PET

ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Toners & Colors added to PET resin, preforms and rPET corrects and reduces the yellowing that occurs during the recycling process. ColorMatrix Optica toners and colorants for enhanced recyclability offer aesthetic as well as processing benefits for PET resin during the manufacture and recycling processes, and further downstream for convertors, bottle blowers and brand owners during packaging production. 

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Recycle Solutions


  • Corrects & reduces yellowing during recycling
  • Improves quality and performance of rPET
  • Enables re-optimization of bottle blowing
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Supports the circular economy



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