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About Avient

Historic Transformation, Inspired Future

Avient Corporation was originally established as PolyOne Corporation in 2000 through the consolidation of two companies in the materials industry. The early years were challenging, as the company struggled to find or create its identity as a combined enterprise. That changed in 2006 when we embarked on a specialty transformation driven by our four-pillar strategy of Specialization, Globalization, Commercial Excellence and Operational Excellence.

As the company began to evolve into specialty areas, we focused on putting our customers and their needs first, then looking inward to make a difference. Coincident with the transformational acquisition of the Clariant Color business in 2020, we branded the collective enterprise as Avient—a new name, for a new kind of materials company.

Today, we are a leading provider of specialized and sustainable material solutions that transform customer challenges into opportunities, bringing new products to life for a better world. Our offerings include specialty engineered materials, advanced composites, color and additive systems and polymer distribution.

Headquartered in Avon Lake, Ohio, Avient currently employs approximately 8,700 people at manufacturing sites, distribution facilities and technical labs located in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Better Together: PolyOne and Clariant Masterbatch

On July 1, 2020 we completed the acquisition of Clariant Masterbatch, the largest acquisition in the 20-year history of our company.

We did so at a time when the world craves a more sustainable planet, unprecedented innovation and economic growth. It’s also a time where people seek strong relationships, diverse perspectives and an opportunity to accept the most pressing challenges of today.

It’s in this spirit that we joined PolyOne and Clariant Masterbatch, two complementary businesses, and formed a new one that we’ve named Avient.

As one, we are better positioned than ever before to lead and to make a positive difference. 

We are better together through:

  • Keeping Safety First — PolyOne and Clariant are both ACC Responsible Care® companies, and nothing is more important than the health, safety and well-being of our people.
  • Being a Great Place to Work — We listen to feedback from our associates then take action in building our high-performance culture and being a global employer of choice. Following the results from our post-acquisition engagement survey, we were again certified as a Great Place to Work®.
  • Supporting Diversity and Inclusion — All associates are valued and encouraged to bring their true selves to work every day, and ensuring equal access and opportunity will contribute to our organization’s success.
  • Leading in Sustainability — PolyOne and Clariant are both founding members of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, and we are committed to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.
  • Investing in Innovation — Specialty companies invest to grow, so we ensure our resources are concentrated on material science for high-growth end markets, poised for value creation in the long term.
  • Operating Globally, Serving Locally — As a truly global company, we have operations and technical expertise around the world to efficiently serve our customers…wherever they may need us.
  • Leveraging Service as Our Timeless Differentiator — We serve our customers with excellence to build trusting, lasting and collaborative relationships.
  • Thriving as a Specialty Growth Company — Performance is inextricably linked to the investments we make in People, Products and Planet. Solidifying Avient as a specialty growth company ensures ongoing longevity and value creation for our associates, customers, communities and shareholders. 

These endeavors are made possible by the joining of our businesses.

We are better together.

We are Avient.

Who We Are 

Avient Corporation (NYSE: AVNT), with 2021 revenues of $4.8 billion provides specialized and sustainable material solutions that transform customer challenges into opportunities, bringing new products to life for a better world. As of December 31, 2021, Avient employed approximately 8,700 associates and is certified ACC Responsible Care®, a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste and certified Great Place to Work®. For more information, visit

Our Vision 

At Avient, we create specialized and sustainable material solutions that transform customer challenges into opportunities, bringing new products to life for a better world.

Our Strategy 

Differentiates us through unique value-creating offerings to our customers.

Positions us to serve our customers consistently, everywhere in the world.

Operational Excellence 
Empowers us to respond to the voice of the customer with relentless continuous improvement.

Commercial Excellence 
Governs our activities in the marketplace to deliver extraordinary value to our customers.

Our Culture 

Core Values 
Collaboration. Innovation. Excellence. 

These core values, which begin with our individual decisions and actions, focus our attention on putting the customer first by creating genuine value through collaboration, innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We will uphold these values with the utmost integrity in all that we do.

Personal Values 
Integrity. Honesty. Respect. 

These personal values begin with each of us—the judgments and decisions we make as individuals affect the way Avient is viewed in the marketplace and in the communities where we work.

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