Liquid Color Concentrates

Liquid Color Concentrates can help boost your products through multiple stages of the production process. Reduced energy consumption, lower material costs, improved color dispersion, rapid color development and high-impact special effects add value and versatility to your offering, giving you a leg up on the competition. ColorMatrix™ colors and other liquid concentrates can be combined with a variety of performance and barrier additives to create multi-functional formulations that multiply the advantages for your business.      


  • Clean, accurate and efficient metering
  • Rapid and sustainable color development
  • Reduced waste and inventory
  • Fast and easy color changes

Liquid Color Concentrates

product name description    
ColorMatrix™ Select Rapid color creation and supply service Web-based color development software Enables global standardization of color
Special Effect Colors Create real shelf-impact with unique liquid colorants for PET packaging Suitable for personal care and food contact applications Effects can be achieved using conventional gloss preform and blowing molds
Color & Additives Combinations Add performance improvements and color in one simple step Formulations are tailored to be fully compatible with the chosen polymer Ease of use and lower inventory
Impress™ High Gloss Metallic Effect Colorants Create a high gloss, metal effect look with no flow lines Can be processed on standard machinery Available in both liquid and solid forms
ColorMatrix™ FlexCart Color Dosing Systems Optimize the benefits of liquid colorant and additive technologies Flexible, consistent and accurate dosing 

Impress High Gloss Metallic Effect Colorants

Add a unique look to packaging with unlimited combinations of color and gloss.


Brochure: Quick Guide to Liquid Color

Learn which colorant technology best suits your application to help you gain maximum performance and value.


Brochure: Rapid Color Creation and Supply

The ColorMatrix™ Select service combines advanced liquid colorants, cloud-access software and automated dispensing technology to give greater control of color development and supply chain.


Brochure: PET Packaging Quick Guide

This “quick guide” provides a brief overview of some factors to consider when choosing PET as a packaging material. 


Brochure: Liquid Dispersion for Extrusion Blow Molding

Explore the value these highly concentrated pigment dispersions provide during processing and handling


PINPOINT™ Express Color and Dosing System

Combining Avient colorant expertise with 3M technology, the PINPOINT system lets you develop and manufacture colors in your own facility in just hours.

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