Protect Crops

Agriculture Films

Agriculture Film for Greenhouse & Crop-Protection

Choose from a robust portfolio of of additive and color masterbatch solutions for agricultural film for greenhouse, crop-protection, mulch and raffia applications. Our product range includes light stabilizers, infrared (IR) absorbers, ultraviolet (UV) absorbers, antimicrobials and anti-fogging and anti-blocking additives. Colors can be chosen selective light absorption and can be combined with additives to meet customer needs precisely. We can also formulate products to meet the needs of compostable agriculture selecting colorants from from a broad list of Vincotte certified "OK-compost" raw materials.

Crop Protection

We offer a wide variety of color and additive concentrates that are essential to improving the performance of crop-protection films, including both woven and nonwoven materials that protect plants from insects and sudden changes in temperature. Colors may be selected maximize or minimize heat retention and additives can be formulated to help film resist the degrading effects of sunlight, heat, moisture and agricultural chemicals. Our global network of more than 50 production facilities on five continents is your assurance of product consistency, simplified logistics and unmatched local service anywhere in the world.

Greenhouse Films

Greenhouse film must remain strong and flexible, even after months or years of exposure to intense sunlight, heat and humidity. Our portfolio of polymer stabilizers, light absorbers, antimicrobials and anti-fogging and anti-blocking additives enhance the long-term performance of these agricultural films. By limiting transmission of infrared rays, IR absorbers can reduce daytime temperatures in the greenhouse, while light-diffusing agents scatter the sun’s rays for more uniform plant growth. Photo-selective colors transmit only specific light-wave types creating an environment that can increase crop productivity and quality.


Plastic mulching films are an essential part of today’s agriculture market, keeping heat and moisture in the soil and preventing weed growth. We offer a wide range masterbatches that are ideally suited for mulch applications. These include colors that help control light transmission and heat retention. Additive concentrates improve stability in the field where film is constantly exposed to scorching sunlight, moisture and agricultural chemicals. We have also developed a wide range of products that are compatible with biodegradable and compostable polymer materials such as Novamont’s Mater-Bi, which are widely used in agriculture.