Customizable Solutions


Catheters are essential and potentially life-saving devices. Whether used for vascular procedures, intravenous short- or long-term medical care, indwelling or intermittent urinary management, or other specialty uses, a catheter’s design requires precision. Since they can be made from various materials, choosing the best material for the desired use requires understanding the functional, safety, manufacturability, and essential performance needs.  

Avient understands catheter tubing and tips and has the industry expertise to help guide informed material decision-making. With our proprietary NEUSoft™ thermoplastic polyurethanes and customizable polymer material solutions, Avient offers reliability, biocompatibility, flexibility, and more to successfully empower you to navigate design, performance criteria, and regulatory approvals.  


  • TPEs and TPUs in a wide range of durometers and features, such as radiopacity, kink and tear resistance, and barrier properties
  • Standard colors for needle hubs, cannula hubs, and wings matching ISO 6009 color coding
  • Additive masterbatch for lubricity, laser-marking, or antistatic properties
  • Solutions suitable for gamma, EtO, or autoclave sterilization
  • Antimicrobial technology to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
  • Engineered materials for molded and extruded components

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