Delivering Care

Catheter Materials & Medical Tubing

High-Performance Flexibility

Medical catheters and tubing are like couriers, navigating complex and diverse healthcare applications. These may range from in-body and therapeutic procedures to highly specialized tubing for pharmaceutical and biopharma production. Manufacturing these versatile, highly engineered products requires high-performing, flexible, polymeric, and biocompatible materials that must be tailored to meet physical properties, sterilization, coloration, and other performance goals.

Avient’s wide range of medical-grade polymer compounds, colorants, and functional additives can help mitigate risk, streamline your path to market, and deliver desired patient outcomes. Our technologies also include bio-based and lower carbon footprint alternatives to support you on your sustainability journey. 



These flexible components need to safely enter and leave the body, travel complex pathways, and optimize performance. With Avient materials, you can create compliant devices that doctors and patients prefer.



Medical Tubing

In healthcare, one type of tubing does not fit all. From delivering oxygen to moving fluids to delivering nutrition, our portfolio gives you access to a wide variety of polymeric tubing materials.

Medical Tubing
Biopharmaceutical tubing

Biopharmaceutical Tubing & Clamps

Complex performance needs and strict regulatory standards require materials that solve for the unique demands of the biopharma industry. Let us assist you in bringing advanced and effective solutions to market.