Light Up the Site

Agriculture & Construction Lighting

Material Solutions for Rugged Lighting Systems

Whether it’s the glow from the instrument panel, the backlight on the tablet display or the safety lighting on the outside of the excavator, the lighting systems you put in place for end-use operators are critical for their job performance. Create the clarity and functionality that will make their jobs easier by choosing the right materials. Avient technologies for lighting systems control heat, allow for maximum output, and withstand the harshest conditions that the most rugged job sites can dish out.


  • LED light output is affected by temperature - replace metal heat sinks with Therma-Tech™ materials to keep your lights cooler and running longer
  • Liquid and solid masterbatch colorants differentiate exterior lights—often without adding enormous cost
  • Lighting systems that incorporate materials from Avient’s portfolio of long- and continuous-fiber composites are more likely to maintain the integrity of their design

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
Therma-Tech™ Thermally conducive materials Low coefficient of thermal expansion Inherent corrosion/oxidation resistance
Colorant Chrtomatics™ Conductive Formulations Static dissipation Controlled conductivity
OnFlex™ Thermoplastic Elastomers High heat and chemical resistance Weatherable