Find Your Inspiration

Major Appliances

The major appliance marketplace is demanding. You need to design products that are innovative and appealing, as well as safe, durable and affordable. You're constantly seeking inspiration and information to stay ahead of the competition and launch new products that will turn mere customers into avid fans.

Inspired design: Looking for bold colors, a wide range of surface textures, and innovative processes? Look no further. Our polymers, colorants, and services provide solutions focused on your industry, such as metallic effects that replace paint. The end result? You gain design flexibility and the opportunity to create without limits.  

Inspired performance: Our appliance-specific materials resist detergents, foods, oils, and cleaners to reduce part failures due to discoloration and stress cracking. Parts retain color longer than competitive materials after UV exposure, improving your brand image.

Inspired value:  Let our materials and services help you manage the bottom line by boosting production and cost efficiencies. Add in a dash of color technology that can help you improve margins by eliminating secondary painting operations and boosting special effects.

Inspired service: Our technical experts and field support teams provide customized solutions for your unique applications, and assist at the start of production to help reduce manufacturing costs, reduce scrap rates, and get you to market faster.