Materials You Can Count On

Consumer Staples

A razor. A car seat. A refrigerator. These everyday items and their level of dependability can often be overlooked. But we understand the importance of producing high-quality solutions. We use material science and industry knowledge to provide solutions that can enhance ergonomics, durability, and aesthetics.

Focus Areas

Everyday Essentials

The number of products consumers come in contact with every day is endless. With our practical materials and innovative design, we can meet your consumer’s needs. 

Home and Office

Home & Office

More and more people are getting the opportunity to be a part of a hybrid work environment. We provide material solutions for the home or office that can help improve appearance, functionality, and overall performance.

Major Appliances

The major appliance marketplace is demanding (to put it mildly).  Find relief and inspiration from our customized solutions, and start creating products your customers will love, and your operations will adore.