Great Design, Rapid Development

Mobile Devices

We help you meet the product demands in this hyper-competitive market with a broad portfolio of industry-leading polymers. Avient has extensive experience bringing innovative technologies to OEMs and their suppliers, and we have developed unique and effective polymer solutions for a range of mobile devices.

Our support network of Innovation Centers spans the globe to collaborate with you wherever you design and manufacture. Our soft-touch thermoplastic elastomers from Avient add consumer-friendly haptic and can prevent damage. Specialty color and effect formulations strengthen your products’ brand identity and grab consumers’ attention. Eco-conscious materials meet marketplace demand for sustainable solutions and are WEEE and RoHS compliant.

Thermally conductive specialty polymers can replace metal, reducing weight and simplifying manufacturing. Static dissipative and conductive solutions provide greater design flexibility and weight reduction in metal replacement applications. Wear-resistant and self-lubricating engineered polymer solutions reduce premature component failure.

We can enable your design of breakthrough products with our custom tailored thermoplastic solutions. Contact Avient to speed your next product to success. 



Side Panels, Buttons, Knobs, Bumpers, Control Panels

Tablets and E-Readers

Frames, Spines, Soft-Touch Buttons, Rear Covers, Front Covers, Cases