Pipe, Fittings And Fluid Handling

Stars Of Infrastructure

Pipes, fittings and fluid handling devices are the rock stars of civilization’s infrastructure. Think about it. Nothing is more important for human life than the clean drinking water that pipes deliver. When that water is used to irrigate fields, it enables us to harvest fruits and vegetables as well. And where would we be without pumping systems that bring water up from wells or petroleum up from the ground?

These are critical applications, so you need to make sure that the materials you use are up to the task well as years from now. Our polymer portfolio features corrosion-resistant PVC, CPVC and glass-filled vinyl composites that will more than meet your needs.

Are you looking for better performance? Greater durability? More efficient processing? We have the answers. From industrial and infrastructure uses to pools and spas, our broad portfolio will have you covered. We’ve been working with manufacturers like you for decades, providing the right material for the job along with expert design assistance and technical support. Let’s work together to bring your rock star product to life.


Fluid Handling

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