Colorant Chromatics™ PVdF Concentrates

PVdF Concentrates

Excellent pigment dispersion for extrusion or injection molding

Improve product quality and processing efficiency with highly specialized formulations that are produced using state of the art manufacturing techniques. Colorant Chromatics™ masterbatches for PVDF offer excellent pigment dispersion and consistent color quality for extrusion and injection molding applications. Customize concentration and viscosity to get the most out of your production with reliable and easy to use colorants.

Our technical experts are on hand to help you get the most suitable color solution for your needs. Masterbatch formulations are available with specialty base resins from companies such as Arkema, Dyneon, Kureha and Solvay.


  • Standard and custom colors
  • Pigment strengths can be tailored for specific applications
  • Laser markable colors
  • Pre-colored compounds
  • Heavy metal-free colors 
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