Protecting Our Planet

Avient is fully committed to protecting the environment by addressing climate change, conserving natural resources and preventing pollution. Through our environmental aspect and impact assessments within our EH&S MS, we have focused on the following key topics: energy, emissions and climate change, as well as effluents and waste from our operations.

Avient’s EH&S Committee of the Board of Directors provides oversight of the systems that are in place to monitor and mitigate risk associated with these key topics. Avient’s Corporate EH&S Department defines the strategy and monitors performance against related management system standards. Full operational responsibility for execution lies within each business unit and operating site. To ensure performance expectations are met, each site has trained management personnel to oversee their systems. To drive engagement at all levels of the organization, 2022 marked the first year that financial incentives for all salaried personnel were partially tied to energy intensity and waste intensity targets.

Furthermore, to ensure the ongoing prioritization of capital projects that drive energy efficiency and waste minimization, we have implemented a system for identifying and centrally funding projects that have the greatest impact on our sustainability goals.




Energy infographics

Electricity from Renewable Resources

New Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) in Europe

A new agreement signed in 2022 will provide Avient approximately 95,000 MWh of green energy to further allow our sites across the European Union to transition to 100% green electricity. This project brings with it 37.5 MW of additional solar power to the European grid. This is in addition to multiple sites in the region that have already transitioned to a cleaner grid power mix or are importing renewable power to complement the self-generation needed to assure reliable operations.